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"Cliff Hines and his fellow schoolmates Sasha Masakowski (both are graduates of reputable college, the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts) are considered to be one of the most talented young musicians the New Orleans scene. Both of them, despite his young age, already have considerable achievements. Cliff toured with legendary vibraphone, Mike Dillon, playing in a band icons of contemporary jazz, Christian Scott, and also occurs in the band Gravity A, which is a tribute band Talking Heads. On the other hand, Sasha has a career as a jazz singer, performing in prestigious halls and clubs, and also invited as the star of numerous music festivals.

Cliff and Sasha have known each other for years, but only recently joined forces to form a band called Hildegard , which co-opted a group of his musical friends. May 26th. released their debut album, Hildegard. We are on the 10 ambitious, albeit short, because hardly 3-4 minutes per song composed by Cliff and Sasha (but alone). You can hear them a wide spectrum of musical influences from progressive rock, through electronics, world music, to heavy metal and even classical music. These numerous influences have given extraordinary effect of freshness, originality, as well as progressivity, understood as a manifestation of innovative approach to composed by Hines and Masakowski music. The individual compositions, though as I mentioned, they are dressed in rather short and not very complex forms, are characterized by complex harmonies and non-obvious rhythmic structures that are the basis of the catchy, often close to the style pop melodies that its climate resemble some compositions by artists such as St.Vincent and Thom Yorke.

Sound structures that come from the hands of Cliff Hines, and a deep, three-dimensional, sometimes downright angelic voice of Sasha, give an amazing effect. Well, this song in conjunction with non-obvious, heavily soaked electronics instrumentation, seems to be the biggest asset a group of Hildegard. I wondered to which the Polish jazz vocalist compare the voice of Sasha Masakowski. It would not be Urszula Dudziak, not Ewa Bem, but rather Basia Trzetrzelewska. Of course, I would not compare music to songs by Hildegard Basi. That's not it. But imagine for example wording Tool, or late King Crimson, in which a microphone it would not make Maynard James Keenan and Adrian Belew, and our compatriot from Jaworzno - this would be it! More or less on your otherwise quite successful debut album presents Hildegard team."

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